Join Us
Cruisin' the Alamo City since 1973!
Requirements to be a member:   

1. Must be at least 18 years of age w/ a valid driver's license, along with a vehicle that is street legal and running
2. Potential members have a 60 day "trial" period and/or reviewed for acceptance after attending a minimum of (5) ACR events
3. Long distance members (200+ miles) - must be sponsored by active/good standing member.  See Organizers for full process.
4. Must be the owner of a
1972 or earlier vehicle that:  
a.  Has a "hot rod" or "classic car" appearance ; stock/original "family" cars
do not qualify; "foreign" cars do not quality;
    Jeep, Volkswagen, Porsche, Mercedes, etc.,
do not qualify regardless of title year
b.  (or) is an antique or restored classic car (20's/30's/40's/50's/60's/'72 & older) -
not State guidelines such as a car 25 years of age
    is considered "classic"; and must meet established guidelines
c.  Regardless of Title Year, radically modified vehicles must garner a majority approval of the founders/organizers
d.  Current members with '73-'89 vehicles are grand-fathered in the Club, if entered when those years were allowed
e.  If a member builds/purchases/owns other vehicles, they too must meet established guidelines to participate in club functions
f.  Out of respect for our Club/fellow members, car plaques from other clubs are not permitted on ACR member vehicles
g.  Founders/Organizers reserve the right of refusal (a majority is required)

Membership acceptance will be determined by a majority approval of the founders/organizers*, upon completion of application [and]
physical inspection of qualifying vehicle.  Completion of application does not guarantee membership.  

Any individual accepted for membership in the Alamo City Rods must agree to the following:

1.  No dues will be collected from Alamo City Rods members.  
2.  Once accepted, Alamo City Rods members may not belong to any other local car club.
3.  Members are responsible for purchase of their own t-shirts, car plaques and other club items.
4.  Alamo City Rods logo is the proprietary property of the club and cannot be used on any advertising or other material without the
 express written consent of the organizers (a majority is required).
5.  The Club may call a "general" meeting periodically to recognize new members, distribute information about upcoming events, and
 discuss any pertinent club business and/or functions.  Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in meetings.  
6.  Members must not solicit or recruit members of other local car clubs.  
7.  Members understand and agree that by using the name and logo of the club they are representing the Alamo City Rods.  Therefore,
 good judgment, high moral character and respect of the others should be observed at all times.  
8.  Inappropriate behavior by Members and/or their guests will not be tolerated and may result in termination of membership by
w imajority decision of founders/organizers.  
9.  Members in good standing are welcome to all club events.  
10. Additional rules and regulations will be added as needed.

*In 2010 ACR was re-organized and discontinued the use of an "Officer" structure.  Currently, ACR is guided by members of the
founders/organizers.  These members assist in scheduling club functions, benefits, email, website, and Facebook presence.  All members
are important to ACR and our family environment.  

We look forward to your application to potentially become a member of the Alamo City Rods.