Wheeler Dealers
Fat n' Furious
Hill Country Car Culture
Hill Country Car Culture
In The Media
From magazines, to commercials, to shows seen in over 35 countries, The Alamo City Rods have been
featured in many media outlets.  

We always enjoy participating in these types of events and appreciate the opportunities we are
Cruisin' the Alamo City since 1973!
Chuck's Eat The Street
Chevy Classics
Tom from Fat n' Furious w/ Diane
Meg & Jeff from The Car Chasers w/Jody
Jody w/ Mike from Wheeler Dealers
Kevin, Danny, and Mike w/Jody
Our friends wanted to say hello!
Jody and Cristy Lee
Jody and Courtney Hansen
Jody w/ Bo Hopkins & Lynne Stewart
from American Graffiti
Jody w/ Kevdogg from Bitchin' Rides
Jody w/ Dave and Kevdogg from Bitchin' Rides
Upcoming film "The Last Delivery"
Jody w/ Jason, Mike, & Charles from Gas Monkey