Cruisin' the Alamo City since 1973!
The year was 1973 and there were many things going on in the world.  Some of the biggest movies
were American Graffiti, High Plains Drifter, The Sting, and Westworld.  The Miami Dolphins won the
Super Bowl, George Foreman beats Joe Frazier, and the Oakland A's were World Series Champs.  

In San Antonio, a few friends got together to form a club to promote the camaraderie and love of hot
rodding.  Through this group of friends The Alamo City Rods (ACR) were born.  

In the early days, our club was mainly built by manpower rather than horsepower.  We had more
members than working hot rods.  One thing we did have was dedication and the willingness to make
ACR a great club.  As we grew, so did the number of working cars.  Soon we began to do many things in
San Antonio and the surrounding communities.  We participated in many local parades, benefits, car
shows, and show-n-shines.  

In addition to these events, we also put on our own car shows called the "Un-nationals" as our own
spin off of the popular "National" shows all over the U.S. in the hot rodding communities.  The
Un-nationals proved to be very popular events for many years and helped solidify ACR as a great club
with many things to offer the community.  Even today some of the "older" members still have their
souvenir's such as "Sonic" style cups, t-shirts, and car show nameplates.  

Throughout the years our club has seen many changes.  In some years membership was lean, but a
core group of friends remained and the club stayed in tact.  Over those years, the club rode the wave
of bell bottoms, parachute pants, popped collars, and what seems like 17 Rocky movies.  

In the last few years, some of the original members "Founders" got together to push the club forward
and become a place to have a good time, enjoy family and friends, and keep our classics cruising the
Alamo City.  

Today, the Alamo City Rods have over 125 members (and cars to match...LOL).  We continue to do
many events in San Antonio and the surrounding communities.  Some of the great events we have
participated in are the Texas Folk-life Festival, San Antonio International Car & Truck Show, and the San
Antonio Auto Rama.  

We look forward to continuing to support San Antonio and the surrounding areas.
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